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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Full Earth - Cloud Sculptors


Wow - this is a banger. Full Earth are an instrumental psychedelic rock group whose new album Cloud Sculptors is simply thrilling. Made up of 4 long form jams intercut with a pair of shorter compositions, this record is jaw dropping stuff. Usually the psychedelic stoner jam genre is one that I am completely disinterested in, but Full Earth find a way to make it delightfully compelling and exciting. Their work is transcendent in its finest moments, combining everything from kraut rock to avant garde by way of stoner metal and doing it all with aplomb. 

There is something strangely poetic about what's being done on Cloud Sculptors. You can really lose yourself in some of these motifs and the thunderous improvisations and cavernous drums come together to give a sense of something larger than life. This is counterbalanced with inspiring minimalist explorations like the title track that simply whisk you away and really remind you of just how grand in scope the work of this band is. Cloud Sculptors showcases a band who are fully locked in with each other and it is a compelling portrait to say the least. It's hard to deny yourself the glistening, enduring magic of what this group has been able to present. 

Cloud Sculptors is a really fun album. It takes a formula that so often feels like a retread and injects it with new life. The motifs are brilliant and poetic, the jams incredibly visceral and the vision behind the work seems to only get more compelling with every passing song. This is a record that you can put on time and time again, constantly finding new layers to what's being done here. This is clearly a labor of love, and spending time to fall in love with it is going to be more than worth it. Full Earth are in a league of their own, and they demand your attention. 

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