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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Raw War - Total Raw War


For those of us who have been doing this a long time there is something to be said for old school grindcore. It has a certain stripped back, eternally DIY appeal that means it will always resonate and constantly seems to capture the imagination. Such is the case with Raw War, a Canadian export signed to Sentient Ruin - one of my favorite underground labels. Their new album Total Raw War is seventeen tracks of unrelenting 80s style grindcore, full of crust punk proclivities and d beats galore, certain to thrill all of us who wish they got to see the forefathers of the genre kick things off at dingy clubs like The Mermaid. 

Total Raw War is a crushing release, beautiful in its simplicity and unrelenting in its continued aural assault. This is unrepentant grindcore done at a million miles an hour and with no real concern for high production value or any of that malarkey. Instead this is the sort of monochromatic, stripped back mayhem that makes my hair stand up on end, getting back to the roots of the genre with four on the floor beats, a few rock n roll flashes and an anarchist attitude that makes for truly exciting, fun and oftentimes over the top songwriting. It's stuff that's been done before, but Raw War are damn good at it and the barking vocals, chainsaw guitars and blasting rhythms are relentlessly addictive. 

Raw War are a force to be reckoned with. This album is a type of grindcore that doesn't get nearly enough love in todays world of highly produced extreme metal. It's strangely comforting to immerse yourself in a record that is willing to go back in time and create something that could have sat side by side on record store shelves with Napalm Death's Scum. Raw War understand the thrill of the underground and this music is going to remain addictive and vital for the chosen few. If you're into old school DIY grind then you're going to want to pre-order this asap. 

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