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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Malist - Of Scorched Earth

Malist are a Russian melodic black metal band who first hit the scene in 2019 with their impressive debut In The Catacombs Of Time. Now just 5 years later the project is gearing up for their fifth album. Of Scorched Earth is an impressive offering with some gorgeous soundscapes and a clear, transcendent vision that allows listeners to really sink their teeth into the hellish and otherworldly magic of what Malist has come to make their oeuvre. The vision here is grandiose and impressively executed, the product of a clear passion for melodic black metal and a record that certainly encourages multiple listens.

There is something strangely addictive about Of Scorched Earth. The synth padding on the blazing black metal riffs and the balance of dark and light in songs like "Clad In Black And Gold" the albums epic closer makes for compelling listening. The project may not stray far from many of the classic tropes of the genre, but Malist shows a clear mastery of them, encouraging listeners to delve ever deeper into what has been done and the world they represent. Images of eternal autumn and evil dominating the world dominate this album, and the music provides the perfect soundtrack. Grab a copy, or head over and stream and let yourself get overcome by the darkness.

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