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Monday, January 29, 2024

Olhava - Sacrifice


A good blackgaze album is meant to be meditative, something you can get lost in and never want to come out from. A good blackgaze album is a record that seems to consistently hint at transcendence, and when it does finally pay off you find yourself in whole new sonic universes you didn't know previously existed. Such is the case with Sacrifice the new album from Russian post black metal masters Olhava. This is a release that spreads its wings over a nearly ninety minute run time but which is wholly worth it, pulling listeners behind them and giving us all a reason to fall in love. 

Sacrifice is impressive because despite the extended run time, the record consistently finds ways to remain compelling and exciting. One way they do this in particular is with some truly thrilling drum performances. The marathon showing that is the blasts on the poetic "I See Myself In Your Eyes" is perhaps the best exemplar of this. The playing is energetic, creative and unrelenting, exactly what's needed to bring listeners ever deeper in. Similarly - while oftentimes artists can't sustain long form songs and keep them interesting, Olhava find a way to turn these pieces into meditative masterworks that you can't help but to lose yourself in. 

Olhava have gone above and beyond on Sacrifice to craft one of the most impressive post black metal records I have heard in a long while. Despite an extended run time Olhava find a way to make their songs compelling and endlessly addictive. These are endearing and mesmerizing anthems to times forgot and poetic visions of a world apart. There is something wonderfully human about what Olhava have done here and their ability to distill their humanity and their influences down into Sacrifice has an undeniable resonance.

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