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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Naga Siren - Sea of Myself

Naga Siren are an incredible blend of pop and hardcore, but done in such a compelling, inspirational and interesting way that it's clear to me that this band is tapped into something else. Sea Of Myself features ten incredibly well written songs full of gorgeous pop hooks, hard hitting guitars and combinations of ideas done in ways that feel remarkably fresh. This makes for a record that you're going to want to listen too again and again. Sea Of Myself is a goddamn blast, and perfect listening for a freezing cold Saturday in New York City.

Even if Naga Siren are definitely pulling from the example of pop meets hardcore forebears like Four Years Strong, the band has found a way to make the combination of styles wholly their own. Their is an infectious bounciness of these songs that makes for some of the most addictive listening I've had all year. Naga Siren are wholly self aware of their stylistic blending and the vision that they present here is far too much fun. Aiding that of course is the top tier execution, every take here was clearly agonized over and the result is a record that is just delightfully punchy. 

Sea Of Myself is a really fun listen and one that you're not going to forget anytime soon. These songs are more than just A Day To Remember worshiping metalcore (Although there is certainly an element of that.) What Naga Siren do so well is making hardcore that is unafraid to be in love with pop music and they do it in a way that still feels resolutely punk rock. They are a one of a kind, incredibly emotional force in the underground  and a group I could see continuing to charm listeners for years and years to come.

 Pre-order the album soon!

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