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Friday, January 19, 2024

Traveler - Prequel To Madness


Prequel To Madness is the third album from the international true metal force that is Traveler. Their second record Termination Shock saw them soaring to new heights with some of their most compelling work to date. It seemed improbably that the third album from the band could possibly get better, but here we are four years later with what can only be described as an all timer. In a world where true metal has finally started to get its time in the sun, Traveler's first album in four years is a jaw dropping heavy metal achievement. 

To put it simply - this album rules. The production is great, the songwriting is tight, and the individual performances are excellent. The vocals soar, the guitars shred, and the overarching execution could not be better. More than that this album is just plain fun. You can hear Traveler leaning into the Iron Maiden-isms on "Vagrants Of Time" and it's hard not to fall in love. Prequel To Madness is just an exciting record and a record that's going to get your heart thumping. This is what heavy metal is supposed to be about, fist pumping big choruses, high powered guitars and soaring operatic vocals. Traveler are a blast to sink your teeth into - that simple. 

Traveler will make the hair on your neck stand up. The music is simply that good. Very few true metal albums manage to deliver on every level, usually there is some dramatic failing (Usually vocally if we're being honest) that prevents it from having mainstream potential. But in this case it feels like Traveler could take on the world if they wanted too. This record is the epitome of what metal is at its best and Traveleer seem poised to be a fitting introduction to the genre for legions of fans for many, many years to come.

Pre-order the album soon!

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