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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Nocturnal Sorcery - Captive in the Breath of Life


Captive In The Breath Of Life is yet more paradigmatic Finnish black metal emerging from the shadowy gates of Kvlt - one of my favorite underground Finnish labels. Nocturnal Sorcery have been have been blazing a path across the world of black metal since 2011, and this latest offering is another fitting battle cry. It's buzzing and unrelenting black metal, focused on tremolo picking and the classic sorcery that has defined the genre for so long. Captive In The Breath Of Life is an unrelenting assault on the senses, and it is glorious. 

Nocturnal Sorcery fundamentally understand that Finnish black metal is at its best when its monochromatic and blistering. This makes for music that feels like being trapped in a blizzard, watching the snow pour down around you as the moon begins to rise. There are few compromises taken on this album and for those of us who are deeply invested in their unique brand of darkness it's hard not to be thrilled with the twisted blasphemies that guide the band forward time and time again. Captive In The Breath Of Life is a record that tears out throats and hints at deeper layers of darkness, but also one that embodies so much of the magic of the Finnish scene. 

This isn't exactly a record for the faint of heart, it's certainly not an album that new fans of the genre are going to gravitate towards. But for those of us who truly get it, who find these threnodies of human suffering in the most extreme of conditions compelling and speaking to the human experience - it's hard not to be thrilled for all that Nocturnal Sorcery have brought to the table. Captive In The Breath Of Life is a fitting war cry, let yourself get swept up in its flurries of sound and prepare for the next assault.

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