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Saturday, January 6, 2024

MooM - Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future


Now this is an interesting one. There's always been a strange alliance between sludge and powerviolence, and MooM have found a way to balance them in an apocalyptic and exciting way on their new record Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future. After eight years of gnarly demos and splits, this Tel Aviv group of ragers has gone above and beyond to crack skulls on their debut full length. (If we can call a 19 minute long record a full length.) It's high powered, chaotic and just a little bit evil - exactly the way you like it. The rawness works to the bands advantage to - the entire record feels like it might explode out of your speakers at any moment - what's not to love? 

There is something really to be said for the chaotic, unrelenting magic of this album. Something to be said for the bands ability to lean into the most distorted, feedbacking layers of sound and craft something that puts them in a league of their own. Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future is punishing, uncompromising and hell of a lot of fun. The vocal delivery is high pitched and intense, barely riding over the crashing waves of sound and giving the entire thing a sense of barely restrained madness that makes for incredibly compelling, unendingly exciting listening. Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future is the sound of the world coming apart - just as MooM prophecy. 

Unrelentingly DIY, stripped back and gloriously violent, MooM understand what it takes to craft a compelling fucking punk album. Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future is a record that refuses to slow down and takes the world by storm. It's heavy, uncompromosing and just a boat load of fun. Press play on this rager and get ready to lose yourself in a devastating well of volume. It's powerviolence done right, with sludge decorating the fringes and making for a sound that feels like one of my best underground discoveries in months.

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