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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Pestilength - Solar Clorex


Pestilength is an absolute monster of a band. They've been on my radar for a few years, but this latest offering, Solar Clorex is an absolute crusher of avantgarde, ugly and oppressive death metal. Caveman-esque and unapologetically brutal, Pestilength have found a way to define themselves by their ugliness. Pestilength fascinate because of their ability to unleash unholy and strange sonic carnage, to force fans to choke on the bitter pill of their unreality and allow listeners to really seep into the disgusting soundscapes that they have created for us to navigate. 

On some level Pestilength seems to have more in common with a band like Swans than they do other death metal acts. Tracks like "Enthronos Wormwomb" with its sparkling clean guitars counterbalanced by gurgling vocals are a great example of this. Pestilength are a band who lean into creating music that feels truly disgusting and which consistently seems to hint at ever more depraved and twisted realities, dragging listeners in to the dark and forcing them to come to terms with the disgusting monolith of their own humanity. In other words - even in forcing the boundaries of death metal to their extreme, Pestilength find new ways to fulfill death metals core vision. 

Solar Clorex is a wonderfully compelling album and one that I think will consistently entrance listeners as they explore the myriad and twisted layers that help to define this band. Pestilength are visionaries of a strange and twisted new breed of the underground and it is far too much fun to let yourself get lost in their visions. This is death metal done right,with a vision of a tortured future that is going to keep you undeniably entranced and enthralled with the broken, bitter visions of a band who seem to be an abomination against God. 

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