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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Hulder - Verses In Oath

Hulder have quickly become one of the leading voices in the world of US black metal. They see to be leaping from peak to peak, and their new album, Verses In Oath coming out just before they embark on the vaunted Decibel Tour is a testimony to all that they have accomplished so far. It's surreal to listen to a US band who so accurately capture a European sound, but such is the nature of the genre right now and Hulder use this record to prove that they are masters of it. Verses In Oath is the bands most compelling work to date and sure to entrance black metal fans of all stripes. 

Verses In Oath is mesmerizing because of the breadth of the compositions and the bands willingness to lean into some most excellent black metal tropes. There is something undeniable about the reverbed out vocals, eerie synths and tremolo picked guitars coming together to make for an even more thrilling and dynamic offering. Verses In Oath stuns with its sonic assault, but it remains a record that is fairly accessible. It's well produced enough that it isn't alienating new fans of the genre but kvlt enough that the average leather jacket clad Beyond the Gates attendee is going to find something to be in love with with what Hulder have done here. 

Usually I'm fairly skeptical of USBM because so often it is a pale imitation of its European or South American counterparts. But in this case, Hulder seem to have found something that transcended any sort of geographic limitations by showcasing a deep knowledge of what makes black metal work. The end result is a fantastically interesting, compelling and strangely fun record that will keep you coming back in search of more. Hulder prove that they are among the greats on Verses In Oath and I see them just getting better with time. 

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