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Monday, February 19, 2024

Tombstoner - Rot Stink Rip


Now this is a ripper. For those in the know, Tombstoner have been a rapidly rising force in the world of underground death metal for years now. But it's with their new album Rot Stink Rip (Helluva name for a record don't ya think?) that the band seems to really have found their voice and found a way to differentiate themselves from a legion of posers. Instead they sally forth with crushing fucking riffs, punishing rhythms and an unrelenting sonic assault that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for much more. 

Rot Stink Rip excels with its punishing grooves and the overarching vision behind the record. Opting for less intense growls and more accessible grooves, Rot stink Rip sees the band creating something that is anthemic and exciting, a far cry from many of the hardcore turned death metal bands you see dominating the scene today. Instead Tombstoner emphasize something that feels like it owes more to Pantera than Obituary. The end result though is absolutely sick, addictively listenable and full of circle pit stomping riffs. This is obsessive, unrelenting and crippling death metal, music to get you going crazy and jumping off of stages. 

Tombstoner are a veritable force in the underground and their crippling, unrelenting assault is a hell of a lot of fun. This is a record that sees Tombstoner capable of making a larger jump into something greater. Rot Stink Rip is a seemingly unparalleled and wonderfully exciting release. It's a record that spurs constant chaos and devastating performances. Rot Stink Rip is a one of a kind force, a potent next step for the band and a zombie obsessed good time for death metal fans of all stripes. It's another win for Redefining Darkness Records too - pre-order this one!

Pre-order the album!

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