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Monday, March 11, 2024

Apparition - Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State


This is a fucking crusher. Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State is doom death metal done brutally and unapologetically right. There's been few albums I've come across in recent years that manage to be quite as dark, twisted and generally demented as this release. It's death metal done in a way that drags at the soul, that forces listeners to choke on the bitter pill of their own reality and which seems to only get more potent with each repeated listen. Apparition understand exactly what needs to be done to create enduring and thrilling death metal, and the deeper I delve the more in awe I become. 

There is a truly potent atmosphere to what Apparition are doing on this album. Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State resonates because of the creeping power of this album and the brutarian stomp of the bottom end. The kvlter than thou magic of the reverbed out vocals and colossal guitar production can't help but to charm those of us who have given our lives to the underground. As you try to come to terms with this record it can feel a bit like trying to clamber up a mountain. It's larger than life and completely impossible to wrap your head around in the first few minutes. As you immerse yourself though you start to realize you are experiencing something truly great. 

Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State has the sort of vibe and magic you would sense when you discovered forgotten classics as a teenager. There is something inherently exciting about finding a record like this with song titles like "Excruciating Refuge In Reoccuring Torment" and wondering what the hell you've just stumbled upon. Apparition understand the power and glory of the genre, the terror of the sound and the monster that is death metal. It's on us to immerse ourselves in the crushing atmospheres they've created to make us suffer. 

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