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Monday, March 18, 2024

Lvme - Of Sinful Nature


This is a crusher. The ferocious new album from Lvme, Of Sinful Nature is a release that understands the blazing magic of black metal and forces devotees of the underground to come to terms with the vast evil that Lvme wield. This is black metal done right, with a taste for despair, larger than life compositions and an overarching sense that Lvme are emerging from the depths of hell in order to punish us with their devilishly inspired music. Of Sinful Nature is a crusher and it's a delight to let yourself get lost in the morass. 

Of Sinful Nature impresses with its larger than life compositions and grandiose aesthetic. There is something to be said for the potent vision that they are bringing here, but for me its really the immersive nature of the music that gets me excited and curious for more. With this album Lvme are consistently vying towards something transcendent and powerful, belayed by a deep understanding of the aesthetics and visions behind the best black metal. With endless tremolo picking and some surprisingly dreamy melodies, Of Sinful Nature finds a way to balance dark and light. A track like "Into Ashen Stone" is a great example of this with its poetic sonic explorations and counterbalanced black metal fury. 

There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about Lvme's work on this album. As the chants gently kick off "Obenaus und Nirgends an!" the album closer, you get a sense of having come full circle, of having been fully ensconced in a very particular black metal vision. Of Sinful Nature is larger than life, twisted and curiosity inducing. Lvme understand exactly what it takes to bring listeners into the abyss and it's hard to pull yourself away once they have sunk their icy claws into you. Take a journey between dark and light, explore your sinful side. 

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