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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Diabolic Oath - Oracular Hexations



Now this is a vicious one. The war metal masters Diabolic Oath have returned with a second album, a release that builds on so much of what made their debut great and which leans into the twisted vision that makes this music so compelling in the first place. It's hard not to be thrilled by the hard hitting, devilish magic of Diabolic Oath and what they've conjured up on Oracular Hexations. This is war metal like little you have heard elsewhere, with squirrely solos, colossal riffs, and an apocalyptic sensibility that is sure to resonate with the listener.

There is a twisted vision behind Diabolic Oath that helps to make this such a compelling releas.e The firestorm of riffs that they unveil upon the listener is dleectable and the production manages to ride a fine line between paying tribute to the bands basement roots and sounding appropriately modern. The vicious approach that helps to shape tracks like "Serpent Coils Suffocating The Mortal Wound" (Brevity in naming convention is clearly not their strong suit.) speaks to the bands capacity as songwriters. One of the real highlights of this record though is the usage of three separate vocalists. It allows for individual vocal performances to interlock to create something far more bestial than usual for the genre. When enhanced with some wonderfully sludgy riffs you find yourself in for a devilishly good time. 

Oracular Hexations is a mesmerizing album to say the least. It's like watching a car crash. You find yourself exposed to so many unapologetic sonic bricks to the face and it seems to keep getting better. Despite their general balls to the wall approach, the band also finds time to expand on their sonic pallet, especially with the final two tracks on the album. There is a lot to love here and when this drops next month war metal fans the world over are going to take note. 

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