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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Punching Moses - Live Short And Suffer


Punching Moses are a delectable midwest punk band who have been grinding it out since 2013. Now with their second full length, the appropriately titled Live Short And Suffer the band has continued to evolve their sound into twisted new directions. There is something wonderfully gnarled about the Punching Moses sound and even though it is often stripped down to the bare bones, it's this very rawness that makes for such compelling listening. Live Short And Suffer is metallized punk rock done right, executed with a snarl and charming with its relentless riffing. 

While some of these songs definitely could be shorter, the overarching vibe that Punching Moses create is intense and unforgiving. It's punk rock done in a way that brings in a whole slew of other influences creatively and excitingly. It's hard not to be charmed by the slow burn of a track like "The Kill" or the rock and roll magic of "Gore Bazaar". Live Short And Suffer shines because of the commitment to the bands overarching vision of speed rock ferocity and introspective twists and turns to give you room to breathe. Fun, surprising and reflective of the scene from which they emerge, Punching Moses have always delivered on their core vision and this is just another compelling step in that journey.

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