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Monday, April 15, 2024

Atræ Bilis - Aumicide


This is absolutely crushing. Atrae Bilis are a frightening and logical extension to the world of progressive death metal. Aumicide is an absolutely punishing release from the band, one with finger breaking riffs, devastating brutality and a sense that Atrae Bilis are starting to touch on a whole new side of death metal chaos. The unrelenting assault that the band brings to the table on Aumicide is addictive and its tempered with some of the most innovative use of effects and progressive songwriting elements that I have heard in a good long while. 

This is a dense record, not an album that will speak to everyone, and in fact not an album that should speak to everyone. One gets a sense as they delve into the world of Aumicide that Atrae Bilis want their work to feel obscure and punishing. They want listeners to get lost in the terror and chaos of what has been done here and allow listeners to indulge in the horror of what has been painted before us. This is death metal done with a vision that few of the bands peers have and it's hard to pull away from the flagrant darkness that Atrae Bilis lay out before us on this album. Aumicide is a sonic firestorm like few others I have recently experienced. 

With all sorts of bizarre digital effects that only add to the layers of cyberpunk wizardry that define the album and a relentless buzzing terror underpinning the music, Aumicide is the sound of the future coming apart. Atrae Bilis have made a significant impression on me with this release and I get the impression that the scene at large is about to turn their heads at this one. Innovative, daring and just a little bit scary, Atrae Bilis is a one of a kind force in the underground. Experience Aumicide and be forever changed.

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