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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Urzah - The Scorching Gaze


Urzah are a veritable force. Their brand of post metal is electric, unafraid to borrow from a broad swathe of influences, ranging from sludge metal to metalcore, and doing so with aplomb. They have taken classic sounds that I think many of us were enamored with and then distilled them into something greater, poetic and simply fascinating. The Scorching Gaze shines because of the breadth of the compositions and the vision behind what Uzrah are doing. Their songs elegantly blend styles to craft something that is truly impressive. 

I think what captures my imagination the most about The Scorching Gaze is the breadth of the songwriting. Just when you think the record can't continue to impress anymore, they drop female vocals, or a surprisingly tasteful metalcore riff, or one of countless other songwriting tricks to show that there are infinite possibilities in the musical world of Uzrah. And on a similar note - the willingness to acknowledge metalcore as an influence is actually really refreshing. So many bands grew up with the stuff but most seem to want to act like they are too cool for it. Uzrah bring those elements in with grace and dignity befitting their craft. 

The Scorching Gaze is a triumph, make no bones about it. It's the sound of a band coming into their own with a vision that is diverse and exciting, speaking to a bunch of different influences but winding up with a post metal record that is ambitious, exciting and with a clear vision for the future. Urzah are a veritable force and it is a delight to sink your teeth into what they have crafted for us. This is another win for the always excellent APF Records. 

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