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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Hasslig - Apex Predator


Now this is a ripper. The blackened punk sound of Hasslig has me entranced. This is crusty and evil music of the sort that only true dementoids put out. Their new album Apex Predator is twelve tracks of unrelenting, vicious and gnarled heavy music. If you were looking to immerse yourself in the twisted vision of a Spanish band like few others, then Apex Predator is the ticket. There is a wonderful bitterness guiding this whole thing forward that for devotees of the underground will make for some wonderfully indulgent listening. 

There is something gloriously twisted about the vision that Hasslig unveil on Apex Predator. The hectic performances and rock and roll flourishes make it fitting that the band end their record with a Midnight cover. Hasslig are leaning into a very specific sound, but their execution is flawless. Apex Predator is speed metal punk done right, with a clear dedication to the roots of the genre and a desire to drag us all back to the void. In a world of bitter visions and toxic terrors, Hasslig are the perfect soundtrack to a failed system. 

Unrepentant, heavy and forever blasphemous, this isn't an easy listen and it's one that will get rejected by the masses. However for those of us who really lean into the most abrasive side of the underground it's hard to deny the preeminence and vision that Hasslig bring to the table on Apex Predator. This is the sort of record that exists to challenge devotees of the underground and letting yourself get swept away in its twisted vision is going to be a delight, no matter what you end up doing. This is yet another win from Sentient Ruin.

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