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Monday, April 8, 2024

Manasseh - Tunneling To Paradiso


It's always interesting when a musician you appreciate for one style goes off and explores something completely different. Such is the case with Manasseh, a neo folk and dungeon synth fueled project from the mind of Patrick Brown, the wizard behind Howls Of Ebb. The projects new album, Tunneling To Paradiso a wonderfully dark, moody and thoughtful release that conjures up images of abandoned castles and chilly fall landscapes.

There is something wonderfully old feeling about this album. Tunneling To Paradiso really leans into so many of the elements that makes dungeon synth such compelling and entrancing work without ever really being dungeon synth. This is much more of a dark ambient record where the influence of genres like dungeon synth are palpable throughout. The sparse guitar work though and tasteful use of samples helps to give this the feeling of a strange and haunted walk through a medieval landscape. While this isn't an 'album of songs' per say, it is certainly a record worth multiple listens which will continually draw you back into the darkness.

Grandiose and wonderfully medieval, Tunneling To Paradiso is a challenging listen to be sure, but also one that I think devotees of the underground are going to find themselves returning too. This is a record that understands the frigid power of dark and ambient medieval feeling music and the creepy, mildewy and ancient vibes of what has been accomplished here are certain to keep listeners ensconced in sound for however long they choose to immerse themselves in the work of Mannaseh. 

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