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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Aussichtlos - Schicksaltotschlag


Now this is a ripper. Aussichtlos have returned with Schicksalstotschlag. It's a scorcher of a record, unrelenting, fast and furious black metal done with all sort of triumphant melodies and touches of synth padding in order to make for some of the most compelling, exciting and otherworldly black metal that I have heard in a good long while. This is a ferocious, burning and exciting offering, a record that dives into the glorious fury of the genre and has me excited to indulge in more of the madness these guys have crafted.

Schicksaltotschlag shines because of the fury of the music, the burning power of the compositions and the bands ability to consistently delve into ever more twisted visions of the enflamed night. In some ways this record almost sounds to me like if At The Gates wrote a black metal record. The Swedish style riffing is there, but the Austrians in Aussichtlos put a spin on it that is wholly demented and wholly their own. What more is there to want from a group who have such a ferocious release schedule and such a clear vision of our fragile reality? 

This is a rapid speed and delectable record, another fitting offering from Aussichtlos. The band may not be reinventing the steel, but their take on the genre is deeply enjoyable and it's hard not to be enamored with the high speed torment that makes for such compelling listening here. Schiksaltotschlag is going to draw in and enamor devotees to the underground, so indulge in the mayhem and get ready for more, because Aussichtlos are certainly bringing it! 

Pre-order the album!


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