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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Limbonic Art - Opus Daemoniacal


This is a vicious one. Limbonic Art is the long running black metal project from Norway's legendary Daemon. On their ninth full length, Opus Daemoniacal the band continues down the war path of furious, capital letters BLACK METAL to crush souls once more. The record is raw and angry as we have come to expect from Limbonic Art, leaning into many of the classic black metal tropes and encouraging listeners to delve ever deeper into the mayhem that makes this act so special. 

I think what sets Opus Daemoniacal apart for me is the sheer intensity of the vocal performances, and their diversity. While all the vocals are screamed or growled, Daemon's command of his voice is impressive, ranging from the animalistic to the tightly controlled. The multi layered howlings and the pained utterances speak to the anger of the record and it's hard not to be enamored with the high powered sense of destruction burning through the album. There is something wonderfully cinematic about this record too. It shines through the quality of the production with a stereo guitar and vocal attack that lets you feel fully immersed in the music. 

Opus Daemoniacal is a thriller any way you slice it. It shows the band operating at the highest level and unrepentantly delivering blasphemies at a million miles an hour. This is the sort of black metal record that you can get fully lost in and which you are sure to fall in love with time and time again. There is a glorious sense of being lost in Limbonic Art's unique sound world running throughout this release and letting yourself get lost in the madness is a delight. Grab a copy when it drops at the end of June, it's a scorcher. 

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