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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Cult of Erinyes - Metempsychosis


It's hard to believe it's been five years since the last release from Cult of Erinyes. Maybe I'm getting old. But now they are back with their fifth album and it's a scorcher. Made up of just two songs that splay out across 43 minutes of black metal wizardry, Metempsychosis is a wonderfully dark, transcendent and blisteringly evil offering. These multi part epics are sure to sweep up your imagination and guide you ever deeper into the darkness. There is a twisted poetry and sublime darkness that fuels Metempsychosis and drives us ever towards the bring.

The tortured hatred that helps to define this album is only one part of its multifaceted glory. There is something to be said for the larger than life ministrations and surprising poetry that the band brings to the table on these songs. Cult of Erinyes have always had a flair for the bombastic and the epic, but Metempsychosis seems to see them operating at the highest possible level, punishing listeners and then guiding them into blasted black metal fields of sound that are impossible to tear yourself away from. This is black metal done with minor key melodies at the fore and tormented screams clawing at the fringes of your sanity. 

Metempsychosis is an impressive offering to say the least. Cult of Erinyes have found routes towards madness that few of their peers dre trod and the visionary approach that makes these tracks so engaging is sure to draw in devotees of the genre. I sincerely hope to get to experience these spiraling, larger than life pieces performed somewhere in Europe this year. The music is too good to just exist on tape.

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