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Monday, May 6, 2024

Heimland - Tronearvingens Doed

Now this is a scorcher. The new 2 song EP from Norway's Heimland is a scorcher. Tronearvingens Doed is 9 minutes of deliciously executed black metal. While they might not be reinventing the steel Tronearvingens Doed is triumphant, showcasing potent atmospheres and thoroughly engaging songwriting. There is a wonderfully transcendent and poetic vision behind the music, with surprisingly intricate guitars and thoughtful song structures. Heimland seek to wash you away in a wave of sound, and it's by giving in that you start to get a sense of just how good they are. So indulge in these tracks today and prepare for black metal absolution. Hopefully this is just an indicator of good things to come from the project.

Pre-order the EP!

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