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Thursday, June 13, 2024

ColdCell - Age of Unreason

ColdCell are an atmospheric black metal band from Switzerland who have piece by piece found themselves to be an institution within that scene. Their take on the genre is ambitious and exciting. This is a band who understand the magic of the genre and the fresh, thrilling diversity it can encapsulate. Their new album, Age Of Unreason is the bands first in three years. but it sees the group taking some serious musical steps forward and ensuring that this latest offering stands as some of their best, and most exciting work to date. 

Age Of Unreason is in so many words a triumph. It's a record that helps to widen ColdCell's sound and showcases just how special this band is. The soaring female vocals on "Meaningless" are a highlight, transcending so many of the bands peers and taking their music to a whole new level. Counterbalancing that with furious tremolo picking and relentless blasts only gives the song that much more dynamic power. This is the magic of ColdCell. They craft vast, unforgiving but beautiful sonic landscapes, making for a sound you can't help but to fall in love with. It's a dream come true for devotees to the world of atmospheric black metal. 

This is a truly interesting and intricate album, an album that really demands multiple listens and which serves as another gem in the AOP Records crown. If you're looking for an atmospheric black metal record that goes above and beyond in expanding the sound whilst staying true to the core vision of the music, then there is every reason you will enjoy this. With gorgeous vibes, intense songwriting and a clear vision, ColdCell reach beyond.

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