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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Post Death Soundtrack - Veil Lifter


For those paying close attention to the Canadian heavy scene for the past we years, Post Death Soundtrack have come to assert themselves as a one of a kind force. Active in some capacity or another since 2008, Post Death Soundtrack is a project that dances across genres, but primarily drawing from the world of industrial and doom metal. Their music has always impressed because of the breadth of the vision. These are songs that reflect an almost Faith No More-esque sense of diversity and drive towards darker pastures than the band ever has before.

There is a wonderful intensity to the bands new album, Veil Lifter. On this record more than any previous the band leans into their thrash and hardcore tendencies, padding out some of the more gloom sodden doom riffs. There is a sense of psychedelia too that permeates so many layers of the record. Songs like "Immovable" use otherworldly elements to create a sense of the surreal throughout Veil Lifter. This is only augmented by the impressive blend of vocal styles and the willingness to bringing in expected influences to craft an ever more diverse and impressive suite of performances that seem to go ever higher, and then drag you to hell. 

Veil Lifter is an impressive, surreal and potent offering. It's a record that showcases some extremely talented musicians unveiling some of their most diverse and devastating works. It's a record that could only be created by musical chameleons. It's a record that demands multiple listens simply because there is so much to sink your teeth into and try to understand from Post Death Soundtrack's multifarious vision. Let yourself get sucked into the magic on Veil Lifter and prepare for transcendent suffocation. This is doom like little else you have heard. 

Grab the album!

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