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Friday, June 21, 2024

Show Me A Dinosaur - Plantgazer


Show Me A Dinosaur have long been one of Russia's premier blackgaze exports. Their music is poetic, beautiful and strangely transcendent. There is a deep sense of beauty throughout their compositions that makes for some of the most engaging, potent and inspiring work done in the genre in the last decade or so. Their latest album, Plantgazer is transcendent, powerful and benefiting from a gorgeous, fascinating vision. This is a truly magical album and one that seems to lure listeners into a vast and delicate soundworld you can't help but to fall in love with. 

Plantgazer shines because of its ability to balance dark and light, evil and sorrow with joy and peace. This is a record that surprises, delights and reflects the human condition, for better and for worse. Doing this with an instrumental record is a challenge, but Show Me A Dinosaur have found a way. This is a sort of reflection of a world that is rapidly changing, especially for a Russian band. One gets a sense of the sorrow and extinction the band is immersed in, but also a sense of the sublime, as you let waves of sound wash over you into something greater.

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