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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Bangladeafy - Vulture


Bangladeafy are one of the weirdest, most creatively daring and interesting bands in the Brooklyn heavy music scene. With their new album Vulture they seem to evolve more fully from their prog punk roots and into something far noisier, weirder and more powerful. With a much more synth oriented sound than ever before, the group remains a sparkling, unique and fascinating project. This is is a release like few others that you will hear this year, with its flashes of virtuosity, surprising arrangements and the unique vision that seems to drive this thing forward. 

Vulture is a weird album, if you're not ready for unorthodox prog frills to meet noise rock by way of DIY visions, then you're probably not going to get what Vulture is about. But for those of us who grew up obsessed with artists like Lightning Bolt and Flipper, Vulture is going to seem like the most logical set of experiences that you can indulge yourself in. It's a truly transcendent, weird and poetic offering that few other acts could ever emulate. This is the sort of unflappable, otherworldly and bizarre magic longtime ans have come to expect from Bangladeafy and it rules. 

I first saw Bangladeafy almost ten years ago at a DIY space in West Philly. I remember being completely blown away at how weird, technical and inspiring their music was. Now, all these years later I remain fascinated with this project and the unique vision that they consistently bring to the table on Vulture. This is a record like few others I have experienced before and Bangladeafy's marked artistic evolution with every passing year is a delight to really experience. 

Get a taste right here:

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