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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Ulvehunger - Retaliation

Now this is a scorcher. Ulvehunger is a new blackened death metal project featuring Frost from 1349 and Satyricon on drums as well as members of Disgusting and Cadaver. The end result is a ferociously blasting, wonderfully vicious offering torn straight from the underground. There is a sense of desperation throughout the work of Ulvehunger that makes it deliciously resonant. It's counterbalanced by some very high level songwriting, certain to draw listeners deep into the twisted visions of the band. This is blackened death metal done right, with a clear vision of Northern darkness.

There is something truly potent about this record, it might be in the snaking guitar lines, blasting drums or overall spooky auras, but it's a banger by all accounts. A particular highlight to me is the final song on the record "Covenant Of Pestilence", a six minute slow burn that feels strangely anthemic. It's a fitting counterpoint to the blasting intensity of songs like "Sacrifice"/ One larger overall takeaway I have with this record is simply how well it flows, showcasing the dynamics between each of the songs and encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in the bristling, terrifying overarching sense of hatred that guides them forward. 

Surprisingly melodic, oftentimes gnarled and always just a touch frostbitten, Retaliation is an intense and rewarding listen. It's a record that burns with a scorching fire and which seems to encourage listeners to delve ever deeper into the madness. Let yourself get swept away in the darkness and you will start to get a sense for a new form of misery and terror that has brought Ulvehunger into a league of their own. Brooding, angry and powerful, I think heads will start spinning as word of mouth spreads about this one. 

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