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Friday, May 31, 2024

CHVE - Kalvarie

CHVE, the solo project of Amenra's very own Colin H Van Eeckhout has returned with another magical release Kalvarie. Dark, ritualistic and otherworldly, the record takes the form of a single 15 minute long track "Eternit". It's a potent and transcendent release, an offering that transcends expectation and surprises listeners with its delightful, visionary approach and poetic execution. When you put on Kalvarie you are bathed in a minimalistic, but ensconcing sound world. There is a sense of hypnosis that descends upon you with this release, as Van Eeckhout's hurdy gurdy draws you in. A release that demands multiple spins, it's exactly what you'd hope to hear from CHVE. Indulge yourself - it's out today.

Buy the album here:

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