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Friday, November 26, 2021

Savage Deity - Decade Of Savagery

Why is it that southeast Asian death metal is so fuckin' sick? There's something in the water making this the evillest and most exciting music in the world. Savage Deity are just another killer addition to the pantheon, with their new record, Decade Of Savagery celebrating a decade of... well y'know... savagery. This is death metal done right, executed at high speeds and threatening listeners with its soul incinerating fury. The homage to the underground and the bone crunching madness that defines this offering is exciting and will keep devotees lost in the bitter twisted magic of the music. 

Decade Of Savagery excites in its ability to conjure up raw convoluted darkness. The twisted imagery that fuels a song like 'Kill This Cult' is delightful and speaks to a band whose bloodthirst simply can't be matched. It's a delight to lose yourself in the fierce musicianship and off kilter melodies that define this record. AS with many southeast Asian bands, the focus is not so much on quality of execution (Although this is definitely a well put together record) but more the ability to evoke some truly twisted vibes. That's where the record truly shines with its layers of Slayer worship and old school death metal invocations that slaughter the soul. 

Savage Deity aren't really reinventing the steel on this record, but they are kicking ass and forcing posers to lap up the blood. This is a death metal fans death metal record in every sense of the word. It's fast, intense and will leave you hungry for more. If you're willing to dive into the pit, Save Deity will reward you with a deep wellspring of riffs that drink your blood and leave you moshing until you die. This is heavy metal done in the most mind melting way. Listen now and enjoy embracing the darkness with me once more. 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Somnolent - The Infernal Expanse


It's the day before Thanksgiving. People are gathering with their families. The world is slowing down for a minute as we gather to say thank you. What more could you want then to blast some weird ambient and experimental black metal? At least that's how I feel, and Sentient Ruin has once more delivered. The ambient noise meets black metal terror of Somnolent shines brightly on their new record The Infernal Expanse a release that scrapes the bottom of my sanity and forces me to dig ever deeper as I search for meaning. 

There is something completely thrilling about the dark vibes and oddly meditative nature of this record. The groaning madness and very gradual ebb and flow of this release borders on the terrifying and hints at a humanity holding its breath as it looks at its fate being decided. There are so many dark and twisted layers keeping this record fascinating, and as you navigate its four tracks you are going to drink fro mthe night itself and experience all sorts of weird and blasphemous layers to the sound. The Infernal Expanse is a mind melting record that pushes boundaries and forces listeners to really appreciate the inherent darkness of the genre. 

The Infernal Expanse is a borderline horrific listen. The snarling and sniveling madness that drives these tracks is thrilling and the industrial drums that underpin the whole thing add a weirdly apocalyptic tint to the record. This is a clear labor of love and one that really scrapes on the human psyche. It's a thrilling discovery from Sentient Ruin and an offering that will make you shake and tremble. Investigating its darkest notes and most challenging compositions is not for the faint of heart - but it certainly is rewarding.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Anomalie - Tranceformation

I've been following Anomalie for a while now, and this latest record, Tranceformation is on a totally different level. Their take on blackgaze is transcendent and exciting, it's exactly the sort of thing that captures the imagination of the underground and leaves me in awe at the bands compositional powers. Tranceformation is a stunner any way you slice it, a record you want to get lost in and which will continually impress listeners with its sonic layers and the overarching vision that really helps to dictate the scope of what the band can be. 

Tranceformation thrills because of the inherent drama of the record. The heavy use of clean vocals is particularly telling and adds a lot to the distinctive bombast that helps to shape this offering. The gorgeous production is also immensely helpful, allowing tracks to really ring out and live up to their fullest potential. It's the sort of thing that expands upon the classic ideas within the genre and hints at the new directions the band can take. Moments here almost feel like they would fit on an arena rock record. This is Anomalie taking their music to a whole new level, embracing the transcendence and the power and reflecting on all it can be. 

I'm stunned with this album, the press text said it was a late bid for album of the year lists and they were not wrong. Tranceformation is the record that in ten years people will point too and say 'This is what pushed Anomalie to the next level.' It's the record that showed us definitively how good the band are and what helps to make them such an interesting force in the underground. Tranceformation is a thriller in every sense of the word and taking the time to really immerse yourself in it is a delight. Here's to a new generation of post black metal!

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Krolok - Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky

Man I love black metal. To be able to be involved with it is one of the true gifts in my life. It's records like Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky from Krolok that really crystallize this passion for me. A record that has some tracks that were nearly twenty years in the making, Krolok have found a way with this album to craft some amazing atavistic black metal that is fueled by primitive riffs and creepy dungeon dwelling synths. Combined with lo fi production you have a record that feels classic and timeless, reflecting the original vision of the genre. 

Honestly - the thing that strikes me the most about this record is the willingness to use sounds that feel 'old'. That is to say - there is a clear focus on capturing the nineties black metal sound on this record in everything from the mix to the guitar and synth tones. Even the relatively stripped back drums reflect these classic black metal leanings. While for the uninitiated this might make the music hard to listen to, for those of us who have spent our lives immersed in the music it makes for something weirdly comforting and exciting to really get to spend time with. Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky excels in pulling from these classic tropes to create something new and exciting. 

Krolok have refined something here that is truly masterful, exactly the sort of thing that fans of the underground are going to revel in getting lost in. This is certainly not a record for everybody, but for those of us who revel in this sort of underground filth and who are enamored with the twisted and dark visions of what this music can be, this record is a rare treasure. It perfectly builds on countless tropes we have all been raised on and it shows there are still paths forward even within the relatively limited framework of classic orthodox black metal. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Eyemaster - Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime

I'm not gonna lie. I checked out this band because their name is fuckin' Eyemaster. That's just sick. Come on. I'm pleased to report that the music is equally awesome. Their debut seven inch, Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime is a killer dose of old school death metal delivered with rumbling bass, barked vocals and chainsaw guitars. It's not complex music, but iti s killer. It's exactly the sort of thing that gets kids throwing their bodies around in the pit, thrilled at the crushing might of the underground. There's something primal and powerful about this band.

The devastating crush of this record is a delight to immerse yourself in, and it's clear from the first how much fun the guys in the band are having. This is death metal done right, paying tribute to the classic tropes of the genre and evoking a sense of pure underground hatred that few of their peers can even compare too. This is the true underground, executed with dungeon level production and a twisted visdion. Also look at the art - it's sick. Anyway - devout death metal fans need to check this out before they wreck stages across Europe next year. Trust me on this one.

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