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Saturday, December 18, 2010

British Steel- Judas Priest

 So the third review of the day will give us the album that features Breaking the Law, Metal Gods and Living after Midnight. This is easily Priest's best album, and it rocks really, really hard. This blasts the head off most other music coming up in the days this came out and features so much raw energy and anger it boggles the mind. The band has matured musically from its younger days with better solos that are much more fulfilling than their older stuff. This band can be considered to be made up of Metal Gods. They are an amazingly energetic band of beautifully burning rock gods every spark off their bodies another chord.
The music starts off hard and loud with Breaking the Law featuring the lyrics “You don't know how it feels” shows a band with angry and loud members. The music is just their way to show their anger and passions and they succeed at this. The guitar has a lot of eighth note breaks that give a staccato feel that make the music seem angrier than normal. The drums are very good staying present throughout the music and they have a cool bit in the song Metal Gods that has a weird mashing feel. The bass really only compliments the guitar and does not get a lot done. It is rather sad actually that it is not given a lot of attention because bands with prominent bass lines can put together some awesome tracks. Overall asides from a disappointing lack of bass this is a very good album technically with good fulfilling solos and proof that they have matured as musicians.
The lyrics are very angry in feel and have limited depth. They talk about the anger the band members feel and destroying things. However they describe these things in a rather interesting way, but still the lyrics could be improved. The exception to this is the song United which is pretty deep in its lyrics. The actual vocals of Halford are pretty good, he can do some very calm and beautiful singing as he does in United and on other tracks like Breaking the Law he can do a raunchy angry voice that rips apart the words into a bloody mess that perfectly reflects the mood of the album. In general the lyrics are meh but the vocals are very good.
All in all this is a pretty good angry album, that is very fulfilling even if it does not have a lot of lyrical depth. One of the best parts of this album is that it really defined metal, Scott Ian says that this album took away the last shreds of the blues feel that metal had previously had. This album has good replay value it features all sorts of great songs like Living After Midnight. I really like this album and recommend it. It shows a group that has loud angry lyrics but is still very mature musically. This album won me over to the music of Judas Priest, this is spectacular heavy metal at its twisting steel best. Listen to it.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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