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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nation Attacks Enemy

Now I'm reviewing a band called Nation Attacks Enemy. They seem to have a very good sound, with some gentler intros before they explode into the main part of the song. Their music has a lot of power. The guitar part is pretty good, while it is nothing to technically complicated it has quite a few nice riffs. In general the guitar is very well done. The bass is decent and the drums are awesome for rhythm. Together they creat a pretty decent rhythm section. Then we get to the vocals, the lead singer has a lot of energy yes, but he needs to use that energy for actual singing instead of just random anarchic shouting. The vocals take so much out of an otherwise good sound, I think that these guys may want to get a new lead singer. The lyrics, are pretty anarchic and often shallow. This band has a lot of potential however there singer is hurting them.

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