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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ant Henson

All right, Ant Henson is the next guy up. Oh by the way I can only do one or two reviews tonight because I have gig and a party and will not be sleeping. So anyway Ant Henson, he is a up and coming folk artist with a really nice sound. There is an excellent harmony between his voice and his guitar, he has simply an unbelievable voice. (hehe thats a pun off his first song) Right but he has an awesome sound his guitar has an impressive sound. He plays a lot of songs with single note melodies that are based of chords. Some of his melodies break out into cool solo like things. He also plays some chords and gets a really nice strum pattern going. The guitar is nothing to technically complicated but it has a really good folk quality. His voice is also amazing, it sounds beautiful and gentle. However it has a different feel than other folk artists like Bob Dylan (whom my late great-aunt loved funnily enough when she met him she called him Bobby) or Simon&Garfunkel. Instead he has a voice that sounds a bit more airy and it just gives the music a different feel. However it is still amazing and really good sounding, his voice is very impressive. All in all he is an excellent folk artist with a great sound and I would really like to see more from him.

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