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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cabbage Conspiracy

Ok turns out I have time for another, this will be a review of the Cabbage Conspiracy (possibly the best band name ever). Their first song starts out with what sounds like a distorted version of Wonderwall. Which is actually kind of cool. They have a hard sound which is a mix of hard rock and heavy metal. The riffs are power chord based and have a good tone. Combined with the vocals this becomes a really nice sound that is definitely worth listening too. The guitars are loud and powerful, they have a firm and solid feel that just keeps the band going. What I want to say is that the guitars exude a very nice aura that helps give the music a good feel often balancing light and dark. There is a lot of power in the guitars though and sometimes I feel like they should just explode into a giant tapping solo. The bass is solid and kind of has a thrash feel at times, it teams up with the drums for a good and powerful rhythm sound. The drums are not to heavy but are still pretty nice. The vocals really really remind me of Pearl Jam. The vocalist just has a voice that reminds me of Pearl Jam's style of music, I like the vocals a lot.
This guy sounds like he should be on an album. All in all this is a really nice up and coming band with a bit of a Pearl Jam vibe. They have a great sound and I think a lot of people would like them.

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