Chuck Schuldiner Project

Friday, February 4, 2011


Jahiliyyah plays black metal in the vein of behemoth, or in some instances, dimmu borgir. I think in many ways, the vocals remind me of Nile, not full fledged death growls (typically) but a higher pitched death growl, with a raspy character to it. It sounds a bit dry, but otherwise the vocal style works well for most death metal bands / some black metal bands, it just doesn't have the raw anger to it that Behemoth would or the sheer monstrosity of Immolation. The drums are extremely fast and the high hats / cymbals are abused to a degree. The guitar is very fast, using a lot of chainsaw riffs and slower passages played in a way that reminded me of "Kafir!" from "Those Whom the Gods Detest" by Nile. Things have an almost egyptian sound, which seems to be a trend among bands playing this style of music now. I don't even think I heard the bass guitar, a few times something that sounded like it could be a bass guitar cropped up, and it sounded alright, but it seemed out of synch with the guitar, and it didn't seem to work very well. Good stuff, needs some work on the bass and some balancing, and the egyptian sound is kind of cliched, but Jahiliyyah seemed to do a better job with the originality than a lot of other bands out there.



  1. Does exactly have the best production but the composition is really good. Great riffs, really fast tremolo picking and the main guy knows how to make an impact and keep the image.

  2. though da band is heavily influenced by BEHEMOTH, i must say they retained their originality. luvd da vocal and the lead guitar