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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Robert Joynson

 I have no issue with reviewing lighter music so I will review this guy. Robert Joynson has an awesome folk type sound. I really like his sound, his music is simple but it has a lot of power and he has a really interesting voice that makes this guy great. The acoustic guitar that he plays is gentle and sweet but I think that I am rather fond of it. He knows what he is doing and he has some really goood strum patterns that make his music unique. It is rather cool to listen to this guy and the sheer skill he has with chords, for some reason the plain old chords that he plays makes me smile. Also I think theres a triangle? In the background which adds a light and happy feel to the song. The singing is really nice, it just has a light and beautiful sound that makes you bounce up and down, its not dark or scary, its just quiet and beautiful. This guy has a really interesting and impressive voice. One of the things that lets him have such a good folk feel is when his accent bleeds through his lyrics and he just makes his music that much cooler. The lyrics are of all types. Sometimes they are about travelling and other times they are about love. On one track (Noise Complaint) he has a Spinal Tap reference and that made my day so yeah. Overall he is a folk artist filled with potential.

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