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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whom Gods Destroy

 Out of the pit of people to review, one band came out and with an incredibly awesome sound took my ears for a thrill ride of heavy metal. OH MY GOD THIS BAND IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! I AM READY TO KNEEL AND WORSHIP THEM! This band has everything that made Sabbath great in the 80s. The guitar is incredible, it has a slew of chunky and powerful riffs that create a humongously Black Sabbath feel. When you listen to the riffs you are reminded of the mustachioed master of riffing Tony Iommi himself. The guitarist creates a huge build up and then huge riffs to make the music awesome. One aspect of this guitar that differs a little from Sabbath is that some riffs have a bit more of a thrash feel. The riffs are in short awesome, and the guitar is fantastic. The bass creates a nice rhythm section with the drums and adds a bit of a thrash feel to the music. The drums are exactly like those in Sabbath hard but not to hard. Then we get to the vocals. The vocals,the VOCALS!! The lead singer has a voice that is much the same to Ronnie James Dio's. It is huge and powerful and beautiful. When I hear this guy sing I am instantly reminded of one of rock's most beloved figures. The lyrics are dark and pretty sabbath like. In short this is a really amazing band who has an amazing Black Sabbath like sound, they are unbelievable.

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