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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whom Gods Destroy

Whom Gods Destroy is pretty sick aside from some length issues (The shortest two songs were 4 and 5 minutes, everything else was 7 minutes or longer) which for the most part don't matter because of a great job on the vocals, sufficiently frequent, albeit typical, scaling, solos, and a generally very enjoyable sound. Everything has a somewhat progressive sound to it, with very clear traditional heavy metal elements. The guitar and bass are synched very well, with some really great riffs on both bass and guitar. None of Whom Gods Destroy's songs feel like carbon copies of another heavy metal band, using judicious "mini solos" which, while not a legitimate term, describes brief clips of what resembles a solo thrown into a rhythm guitar passage; as well as generally very strong, heavy feeling rhythm guitar. The tone is spot on, and definitely detracts from the sense that this is just another heavy metal band. While I do not see a drummer listed on the myspace page, the drumming seems to be done well enough, fitting the genre and song structure well, but it isn't as flashy or complicated as I'd like; and it does sound an awful lot like a drum machine, with numerous moments where it doesnt quite seem programmed right and it takes a bit away from the sound. Finally, there is the matter of the vocals. Nick seems to have very good control over his voice, I noticed a handful of issues holding some notes, or generally hitting them in the first place, but these errors are few and far between, the "tone" to his voice matches the instruments well, and doesn't degrade the "metal" quality to things.

Overall, a highly recommended listen, except for a couple slip ups in the vocal and drum department, which have zero effect on the overall sound, and a sound generally similar to other bands in the genre, Whom Gods Destroy is a stellar entry in the heavy metal genre, granted of course, you have time to listen to 7 minute + "epics".


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