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Friday, March 11, 2011

annabel lee

 For this evenings final review I am reviewing a metalcore band called Annabel Lee, they have a very melodic sound and are great to listen too. The guitar is beautifully melodic, the bass has a really cool if unoriginal thrash feel, then the drums are pretty good helping to establish tension. The guitar is good because it has a beautiful melodic sound, there are so many solos and breakdowns though that the guitar sometimes detracts from the song, it might need to be given a less predominant roll. The bass is pretty good, it keeps the music driving along at an extremely high rate. The drums are pretty well done, they establish tension and while not too complicated they give a good feel to the music. The vocals are powerful and consist of some awesome and highly enjoyable death growls. The lyrics are usually anti-religion andd very dark. All in all they are an excellent band with a loveable sound.

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