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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Child in a Box-Flown

 Today I am reviewing a band who I was introduced too when I met the lead singer/guitarist/drummer when he visited my music class. While he sings in English he is actually French. This album was almost entirely laid down by him and his friend, then they got a band together to be able to perform. The guitar is awesome, there are some really nice grungy riffs, then there are the some cool bass bits, the drums are also very good and have some great rhythm bits. The vocals are excellent and add a lot of passion to the record, finally the lyrics are really cool and have a lot of meaning behind them.
The guitar is amazing because it has a great grunge feel and that makes this album awesome. There are some huge grunge riffs that help define the music as something beautiful and powerful. The hard roaring grunge riffs are offset by some gentle acoustic parts as well as some funky quieter bits featuring some experimental guitar and bass work that reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bass comes through a lot more in these funkier bits and they help to keep the music flowing and make the verses a pleasure to listen to. The drums are good, they experiment with a variety of fills and rhythms. All in all the instrumentalists of Flown are pretty awesome.
The vocals have a great feel and have a lot off passion behind them. While they could be a bit more melodic they are still excellent and remind me a little of Nirvana or Soundgarden. The other problem with the vocals is the French accent that occasionally bleeds through and makes the music go a bit meh. Overall though the vocals are pretty awesome and sound just as good live as they do on tape. The lyrics are touching and are surprisingly well thought out for a band from a country that abounds in music with crappy English translations in their music. The lyrics talk about things like loneliness and being forced to conform to social norms when they want to be free. Generally the lyrics are not overly original but still well done.
Overall this is a very good band with an overpowering sound, the thing that makes this band good is their sheer passion which makes the music seem just overpowering and beautiful, passion is what makes this record good. The instrumentalists on this album are excellent and always creative with their riffs, the vocals are good, even if they could be a bit more melodic. Finally the lyrics are well done and cover a lot of good old rock and roll topics. My favorite song off this album is Stay Away, the albums second track. The sheer beauty of this album means that it has good replay value and definitely worth purchasing.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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