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Friday, March 11, 2011


 For this evenings second to last review I am covering a band called PallaneX a good metalcore band. They have a nice roaring guitar sound, an okay bass and average drums, finally the vocals are good but could have some improving, the vocals are supported by some cool lyrics. The guitar has a really nice sound, they have a lot of roaring guitar riffs contrasted by quieter more palm muted ones, there are also some very melodic solos that help make the band. The bass is decent but uninspired as are the drums, they break no new ground. The vocals are very interesting and there are some excellent growls, however upon hearing the clean singing I believe that this band should take more of an A7x direction and have more clean vocals than dirty vocals. Both types are good but the clean ones are marvelous. Finally, the lyrics are pretty cool and good and dark. All in all this is a pretty kicking metalcore band that should focuse a bit more on clean vocals.

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