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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dark Horizon

Here is a melodeath band called Dark Horizon for all you people types out there. They have a very solid and powerful sound accompanied with some sick growls that give would them an impressive sound if it weren't for their low production quality. The guitar sound has a lot of powerful riffs that distinctly remind me of In Flames. There are some solos on this record that have the melody and atmosphere of an In Flames album. The bass is pretty solid and combines a tight rhythm section with the drums. The drums use some interesting lines but nothing is extremely mind boggling, still there is clearly originality in the drumming. The vocals are extremely dark and almost, sickening. They do not have sheer power but they have a dark quality that makes me feel ill. In short, the vocals are pretty amazing. The lyrics are aided by these sickening vocals, especially when they discuss themes about man versus himself and man versus society. In short this is a death metal band with sickening vocals that make the music very impressive. This is not a band I will forget soon and I am not sure if it is from fear or sheer amazement. The only reason that this band loses points is its low production quality, as soon as the production quality goes up this band should become a lot better.

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