Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, June 25, 2011


You know there's a reason I love Norway, and this band is pretty much the biggest reason right now. Shadowmind is a killer Death Metal band from Norway. And while I normally prefer Melodeath to Death this band is sufficiently brutal that they have won over my heart and made me swear fealty to them. These guys are gods. The guitar sound is aggressive and brutal with some solos and fills that just blow my head off. There is so much sheer attack from the guitars that my brain is literally melting off. The bass is incredibly powerful and there are some riffs here that blow my head off, the bass has a great sound in this band. One of the coolest aspects of this group is that the bass is pretty audible and the bassist can't pull a Murderface and “Pretend Play”. The drums are fast and angry and pretty great, while not always original they are so well executed that I have to acknowledge my appreciation of the drummer's prowess. There are some extremely fast and brutal fills here that are truly excellent. The vocals are easily my favorite part of this band though. There is an excellent mix of brutal harsh growls and then some brilliant clean vocals. The vocals in Shadowmind are a treat for the ears. As is pretty much everything else in this band. The general mixing of these tracks is also brilliant and I really like the sheer power of the group. Overall this is a killer group that I am totally going to share with my friends in The Playground. \m/