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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rendered in Steel

So prog metal time with Rendered in Steel. These guys have a really powerful gutsy sound. Lets start with the guitars, the solos here are excellent and highly enjoyable, they are fast and engaging. In addition the riffs are wicked I am especially fond of the one in Progressions, that song just has some sick guitar work. They do a very good job of evolving with the song and fit the definition of prog metal pretty well. In short the guitars are riffing and they have some sweet solos and fills. The bass is solid and has some powerful riffs, one particularly good bass line is in the track Clockwork\ where the bass really adds feel to the colossal guitar riff. Finally the drums are typical of prog metal, pretty calm at first but then exploding into aggressive instruments of terror. My sole issue with this group is the production, which in places is REALLY bad. I feel that if these guys could up their production then they could take their music to a whole new level.

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