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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peter Stone

Peter Stone is a decent rock guitar player. The main stylistic thing about his work is that he only plays clean guitar but occasionally layers in some fun effects. His guitar work is decent but nothing overly memorable and his vocals are much the same. The guitar has a lot of nice little riffs but there is nothing thats overly attractive. In short the guitar work is tasty but not filling. their are few solos and what their is is no to amazing, which is again kind of disappointing. As for the vocals they are decent but again nothing too impressive. The main issue is that they're the generic whiny pop punk vocals that have shown up all the time in rock music. they do have a redeeming aspect though! Peter Stone has a tendency to add in some really great layered vocals which add a great feel to the songs. Overall Stone is a decent Acoustic Rock artist with some tasty little guitar bits but nothing to great.

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