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Monday, September 5, 2011

The LetDowns

So here's another garage rock type band (wow three on the day) with a nice feel but bad production. The music is very much in the style of The Hives with a heavy bass and fun guitar riffs. The biggest problem with this band is that you can not really hear the vocals. Let's look at the rest of the band first before getting into that though. The guitar has a lot of fun riffs reminiscent of one of my favorite garage acts Instant Witness. Their are some really nice fills here and this band is oh so fun in that regard. The bass is also really powerful and has quite a few of its own sick bits. The drums are solid and in the style of The Hives. Then we get to the vocals, which YOU CAN NOT HEAR. And this is really disappointing because I feel that  this band would be really awesome if you could just hear the singer and not distant mumbling. With better production these guys might really rock.

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