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Monday, September 5, 2011

Stay Strong

When I first saw Stay Strong described as Metal/Pop I  was ready to tear into them as nu-metal wusses with no idea of what music actually is. But these guys actually have a very nice metal sound with catchy hooks but a very metal aura around them. Their fun hooks and neoclassical choruses remind me a lot of Black Veil Brides (been on a huge kick for them lately). They have a nice combination of metalcore and glam much like BVB. They really keep the 80s influence with them too reminding me a bit of Asking Alexandria. The guitars are not always really heavy but they are catchy and have tasty licks. Which is really the most you can typically ask for. The bass is solid but not special. The drums are decent and really contribute to the wall of sound. Yet the biggest contributor to the wall of sound is the dual vocals of the clean singer and the growler. This creates a really cool yin yang balance in songs like A Toast for the Friends Worth Keeping. In short Stay Strong is a very fun metalcore band with a taste of BVB and AA. These guys are definitely worth checking out.

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