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Monday, September 5, 2011

Shattered Sanctity

Shattered Sanctity is a power metal band with a rather epic sound. They have sick riffs a solid rhythm section and good vocals and narmy lyrics. Their sound is a bit reminiscent of certain Iced Earth albums. They have a very hectic guitar attack too and this really brings their music to a whole new level. The guitars have some really powerful galloping riffs and awesome fills. Yet the attack is so unbelievably strong that it really just makes the music addictive. One might even describe this band as "Melodic Thrash". Yet other fills have the good old HammerFall feel to them. The bass is solid and really boosts the drums in the rhythm section. The drums have a lot of attack and the attack of the bass drum is really impressive. Some of the fills could be more original but otherwise this drummer is very good. The vocals are pretty good, they could do to be a bit more soaring but as they are they suffice. They do not take you flying on the back of a dragon but they are still pretty solid. Overall this band is a hard rocking power metal band with a fun sound you might wanna go check out.

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