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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Burden We Bear

So Post Hard-Core to start out the evening oh boy! The Burden We Bear has a fairly unique sound. The combinations of layers of synths with some crazy guitar parts leads to some fairly interesting music. The guitar has a lot of really powerful parts I feel that with the addition of a second one the sound could be a lot heavier and give the band more flexibility. Even just a mediocre 'rhythm' guitarist to give some of the rhythm parts more meat to them would help this band a lot. Other than that the guitar is actually really good and has a lot of nice filthy but technical August Burns Red type fills. Then there are the sick bass parts, the bassist of TBWB is really a master of his instrument. It impresses me, the level of depth and power he lends to some of these rhythm sections. He probably is the biggest reason this bound can sound REALLY heavy. The drum parts are also fairly exceptional. There is remarkably little double bass drum yet there is such a variety in what the sticks can do that it makes the drums into an amazing listening experience. The synths to are really good. They are a big part of what gives The Burden such a unique sound and I find them very tasty. Now we're at the vocals. I am fairly impressed by them for two reasons. The first reason is that the growls are pretty sick half screamed bad boys and the clean vocals have a nice punk pop feel to them. this leads to my second point. The contrast between the two types of vocals is great and I would love to see this band experiment more with that. Overall The Burden We Bear is a nice post-hardcore band with a very interesting sound.


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