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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The FU'zz

The FU'zz (nice name btw) is a fun old White Stripes type alt-rock punk band with simple and heavy rock and roll riffs these guys push a strong garage band sound. The guitar is very solid and it feel very raw. In fact it almost oozes rock and roll with wahhed out fills and extremely heavy (for garage rock) verse parts contrasted by more folk-rock type songs this band is essentially how I would imagine the Stripes if they had two guitars. In short, pretty awesome. The bass has a very solid sound and it helps keep the often frenetic guitar in check by driving forward with steady and basic riffs that help drive the music. The drums are funk and show off some pretty fun fills that experiment with weird timings making the music pretty unique. The vocals are fairly controlled but they are still pretty good as they come across raw enough to not be poser-ish and mixed enough to be listenable. In short The FU'zz is a pretty good garage act with a raw sound and some fun music.

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